Egypt, 2012.

A story of faith and life in Cairo, the place where expectations are trying to change. 

View over Cairo from Al Azhar park.​
A man stands in his vegetable shop in the Coptic district of Moqattam in Cairo. Egypt, 2012.
Dreamland, a theme park in Cairo. Egypt, 2012.
Bread seller in the street, woman walking near the Bulaq's market.

Cairo, Egypt.
At Cairo's zoo. Egypt 2012.​ info
Picture of a martyr of the Egyptian revolution in the Coptic area of Moqattam district in Cairo. Egypt, 2012.
People in Khan Al Khalili, a souk in Islamic Cairo. Egypt, 2012.
A girl dances in a felucca (Egyptian boat) along the Nile. Cairo, 2012.
Wedding in Al-Hakim Mosque in Cairo. Egypt, 2012.
Man at work in Khan Al Khalili area in Cairo. Egypt, 2012.
​Cotton candy in Midan Tahrir. Cairo, Egypt 2012.
During a rally in Midan Tahrir. Cairo, Egypt 2012.​
Boy with a drum in Shubra, Cairo. Egypt, 2012.
Abbasseya area in Cairo during the clashes that broke out in late April. Eleven people had been killed in street fighting that erupted in Abbasseya in which the army did
not intervene. Later that week, one soldier died and 37
Salafi family supporting Abu Ismail during a demonstration in Tahrir Square. The demonstration was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood for the 13th of April, against the
candidacy of Omar Suleiman at the presidential election
​In Khan Al Khalili area of Cairo. Egypt 2012.
A young girl dances in a felucca (Egyptian boat) on the Nile. Cairo, Egypt 2012.
The army tries to build a passage for the people as women and children suffering because of the crowd: thousands of grieving Copts flocked to St Mark’s Coptic Cathedral
in Abbasseya on March 18th, for visiting Pope Shenouda I
A couple in Al Azhar Park in Cairo. Egypt, 2012.
In a park. Cairo, Egypt 2012.​
​Three girls poses for a portrait in a park in Cairo. Egypt 2012.
​Full moon in Cairo, from Saad Zaghloul Street. Egypt 2012.
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